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Sperm Retention Theory – NoFap Magnetism & Body Changes

Sperm Retention Theory

NoFap Body Changes – What To Expect?

Today I want to talk to you about a vital subject. It is about the Sperm Retention Theory and NoFap body changes and what to expect.

But first, we need to know what NoFap is. In short, NoFap means to abstain from masturbation and pornography altogether. Although there are variations where some choose not to orgasm at all, some only with their partners and others do it less.

But all of them are choosing to quit their porn addiction because they find benefits by doing so. The ones that hold off on masturbation as well find benefits based on the semen retention theory. Next, I will explain the benefits of both.

What NoFap Does To The Brain

According to the creator of Yourbrainonporn, Gary Wilson claims that our mammal brain responds to sexual novelty. As men, we are made to reproduce and spread our genes. Our brain can’t tell the difference between what is real and what is digital. This is why porn is so effective on us, watching porn makes it seem like we are getting an opportunity to have sex with millions of different woman.

This is why our brains release a hit of dopamine to make you feel good every time you watch porn and masturbate. The danger is however, that a constant stream of dopamine over a longer period of time every day will cause your dopamine receptors to burn out. This in turn, makes it so that you need a bigger hit, to feel the same high (just like drug addicts). Now this will make you watch more porn and more extreme porn in order to satisfy your dopamine need.

See where this is going? Porn and masturbation is an endless loop that will cause you to waste many hours of your life chasing a high that is more difficult to reach every single time.

What NoFap does to the brain is a so called “rewire or reset”. It is a process to allow your brain to recover from excessive dopamine hits from a long period of time.

The Sperm Retention Theory

NoFap Body Changes
Image by Elias Sch.

The act of preserving your own semen by avoiding ejaculation has been referenced by multiple cultures and under a few different names. The sperm retention theory has been mentioned as sexual continence and sexual transmutation for example.

There are even books written about how to use your sexual energy in order to obtain success. A book about sexual transmutation for example is Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. The thought process behind sexual transmutation is one that actually makes sense.

The desire for sex is one of the most powerful desires that a man can have. When you have this desire for sex, you will start to develop the skills needed to acquire this. Be this muscles, money, courage or power. You will find a way to get these in order to have sex. This is one of the biggest reasons why retaining your sperm is so powerful. Without spending your sexual energy without any returns you will get a powerful force that drives you to greatness.

Men are willing to risk their lives for a woman, can you imagine how powerful this is? Can you imagine what would happen if you used this power responsibly? Exactly! This is why I advice you to channel your sexual energy into your own life.

NoFap Before & After

So what exactly will NoFap do for you? In order to find out we need to find a NoFap before & after, we need to find out some symptoms that frequent porn and masturbation may cause us. Some of these include:

  • A decrease in sensitivity in your genital area
  • Being unable to orgasm during sex
  • Not being able to maintain an erection due to PIED (Porn induced erectile dysfunction).
  • An increase in the amount of time that you watch porn
  • A decrease interest in personal relationships
  • Mental fog that impacts your ability to focus or think

Now that we know what the symptoms are.. what are the benefits that many find when refraining from masturbation? Here are just a few:

  1. Better clarity of mind and being able to focus
  2. Less depression or the complete removal of it
  3. Better social interactions that actually feel good
  4. Better looking skin
  5. Feeling physically healthier
  6. Less irritable due to outside factors
  7. Improved erections that are rock solid
  8. A deeper voice
  9. Better relationships with woman
  10. Better testosterone levels

As you can see, there are many physical and psychological benefits to NoFap and it is highly recommended that you give it a try. Especially if you have some of the above symptoms and want to gain some of the Nofap body changes benefits.

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Semen Retention Timeline Visualized

A popular semen retention timeline visual chart

Above here you can see a popular semen retention timeline chart that is often shared throughout the sperm retention community. It is a visual representation of the semen retention stages for Day 1 till 90 days NoFap. These are general benefits of NoFap and may vary per person and even when they occur.

As you can see for 1 week no fap you will have less brain fog and a decrease in shame.

After that you will see that after around 30 days NoFap will help you have more energy, feeling more confident, increase testosterone, more interaction with woman and an overall higher enjoyment of life.

For the time between 30 days NoFap and 90 days NoFap you will feel improvement in your skin and hair, have high confidence, be able to hold good conversations and feel more motivation. You will also have the ability to concentrate better and have more creativity.

NoFap 90 days and more and you will have a feeling of joy for the small things in life. If you have been using the extra time you have on working towards a purpose or training, you will feel more benefits in more areas in your life as well.

NoFap Magnetism – Does It Work?

NoFap Magnetism
Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter

One of the benefits of NoFap is the so called sperm retention magnetism. People are exchange stories about how not fapping (the sound one makes while masturbating) increases their charisma in a way that is almost magnetic. Which leads us to the question whether NoFap magnetism is real.

According to a poll on the NoFap forum. 67% of the users voted that they felt an increased sense of magnetism after they stopped masturbating. What they also did, was sharing their stories.

A sperm retention magnetism story by ALEX_88:

I can give you an example that happened to me just today … today my doctor told me that she finds me handsome and fit, I’ve known her since I was a child and she never told me (31 years at the moment), it’s almost 2 years that I don’t masturbate

Magnetism by ALEX88

Another story about Nofap Magnetism by DesertExplorer:

Definitely! When I went over two months, I could not go anywhere without women staring at me or giving me second looks. It’s actually starting to happen now again.

While it sure feels good to feel wanted, it can mess you up if you attract some provocative women out there. And there are a lot of them. I saw a young woman with very revealing clothes yesterday and it really ruined my day (my porn addiction is the issue here so experiences may vary).

But if you keep your focus on spiritual matters, meditate, and do some exercises to direct your sexual energy upwards, it may become less and less of a problem.


There are more stories out there on various forums and subreddits as well. You can take a look at those for yourselves.

A more personal story of mine is when I went over a streak of 90+ days myself, I noticed an increase in energy and personal relationships were easier to maintain.

In conclusion, NoFap Magnetism – Does It Work? In my opinion it does seem to work. Give it a try and who knows. It might work for you as well (even if it is a positive placebo effect).

All in all I would recommend for you to try and not masturbate for 90+ days and see the changes for yourself. The reason I say 90 days is because it seems to be the general amount of days most people aim for and seem to have success with the most.

At the beginning it might not be easy, you might fail and relapse. What is important however, is that you never give up. Keep the goal in mind (a healthier mind and body) and I’m sure you will do better each time and improve your life significantly.

My NoFap progress updated in 2020

My current streak as of writing is 15 days. The benefits I personally perceive for 2 weeks semen retention are:

  1. Warmer body heat than usual. This is HUGE for someone who used to be quickly affected by cold.
  2. More energy throughout the day. Things that used to drain my energy are more easy to do now.
  3. My motivation to improve is through the roof. Hence the work on this blog as well. 😉

Update 2:

Currently on day 23 and I have noticed way less urges and more discipline than before.

When there is more to journal about.. I will update it here.

30 days update:

We made it!

We made it through 30 days NoFap. This was tough at certain times during these 30 days. Most notable were around day 7 and when I was close to 30 days. I believe this was due to wanting to reach that magical 30.

I wanted to share something that helped me the most in this journey and maybe itwill help you too.

Keep yourself busy
If you are busy with your daily life, you won’t have the time to masturbate which is good in itself. The better benefit however, is that if you focus on building up your dream life… things will actually get better for you as well.

If you are training, you get healthier and stronger. If you are learning to code, you could be making money on the side. If you are spending more time with family or friends, your relationships get better.

This in turn makes your life more fulfilling and could lessen the urge to go for the cheap dopamine hit. See how this would help you out?

Learn more about NoFap on our NoFap page.

If you have trouble sleeping during NoFap, you might want to check this article about improving your NoFap Sleep Quality.

P.S.: What is your opinion on the sperm retention theory? Share your experiences with NoFap here below.

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