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NoFap Weight Loss or Gain? Learn About the Cause Now

nofap weight loss or gain

Have you heard about the rumors with multiple people claiming NoFap weight loss benefits? I will help you find out if these claims are true today.

Does NoFap Cause Weight Loss

There are multiple claims that being on NoFap will help you with weight loss. Claims by multiple reddit users within the NoFap subreddit.

One user claims to have lost 20 kilos(~44 pounds) during his journey. What is interesting though is that he credits it to a reduced desire to binge eat as much as he did before. Could this be due to improved willpower when on Nofap? In the comments of that thread there is someone else claiming to lose their “man boobs” as well.

Claims like that are good to read and all but, what is the underlying reason for their weight loss? Finding that is what’s going to be useful for you if you want to understand the benefits of NoFap weight loss.

NoFap Weight Loss

In this section we are going to find the reasons why people are experiencing weight loss. There are many reasons you could lose weight but the one golden rule is:

You need to eat less calories than you expend in one day.

This is non negotiable. If you eat more calories per day than you use up, I have some bad news for you. You will never lose weight this way no matter what you do.

Fine, you get that. So what CAN you do to help you slap those pounds away from your belly?

Calories are the determining factor in whether your heavier or lighter on the scale during your NoFap weight loss journey. Naturally, you would like to decrease your excess amount of calories whenever you can.

How can you do this you might imagine? Luckily this is not as tough as you might think. You only need to engage in activities that will help you burn your calories. It is that simple really. You might have some excuses about not having time but… that is where NoFap comes in.

Many of the people who are on NoFap are finding themselves with more time now that they aren’t preoccupied with masturbation. Everyone will get urges to relapse and what you do when you have them, determines whether you succeed or fail.

If you want to succeed, you have to be one of those who are doing something productive with their urges. You channel your sexual energy into doing something active like working out, going for a run or learning a new skill which helps you occupy your mind.

When you go for a run, you are actively burning calories. When you work out, you are building more muscles which in turn help you consume more calories.

More examples of how you can burn calories while trying to lose weight in general:

  1. Replace sodas with water if not done already (the calories pile up)
  2. Drink green tea in order to boost your metabolism
  3. Do deep breathing exercises which help to reduce the stress hormone cortisol

These are example of how you can reduce your weight through burning calories. They might help more than you think. Drinking 500 ml of water can help you increase your metabolic rate by 30%.

REDUCING calories while INCREASING activity that burn calories is why people experience NoFap weight loss. And yes, you will gain a lot more free time to use when you abstain from masturbation.

NoFap Weight Gain

Most people lose weight on NoFap(mostly because they used to be overweight). What about those who claim to gain weight?

Strictly spoken, NoFap doesn’t make you gain weight solely because you don’t masturbate. What counts (like we said before) is calories in or calories out. Of course there are moments where your weight fluctuates due to other reason that would temporarily change your weight. These could be:

  • Stress or anxiety due to NoFap
  • Water weight that varies during the day
  • Changing hormone levels due to retention

While there are legit reasons, many cases when people are reporting an increase in weight, they simply ate more calories than they expended and call it NoFap weight gain.

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NoFap Binge Eating

Binge eating is a problem people can possibly face, this is no different during NoFap. Some claim that masturbating will actually increase the chances of you binge eating. This is because when you orgasm, you are expending vital energy that your body needs to refuel afterwards. This makes it that you crave more food. This is what could cause you to eat more than necessary and if repeated, cause binge eating and weight gain.

We have an finite amount of willpower and using this on NoFap can also reduce your mental strength to refuse junk food. However, willpower can be trained like a muscle. If you keep refusing junk food or overeating, you will notice that over time it becomes easier to keep eating healthy and proportionate.

It can be that you are replacing one addiction with another. So please be mindful of this if you find yourself overeating frequently.

Tips that can help against NoFap binge eating are:

  • Plan your meals in advance to have healthy meals & portions
  • Don’t buy junk food or snacks (harder to eat them when it’s not there)
  • Remind yourself WHY you started this journey to improve yourself

Hopefully this article helped to clarify some things for you. Do you have any tips that might help others in the same situation as you? Let us know here below.

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