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Kino Escalation Meaning and Purpose

Have you ever been on a date with a lady, only to be embarrassed or rejected? In that case, read on in order to be able to prevent the embarrassment of rejection the next time and improve your dating and sex life tremendously with the Kino Escalation Ladder.

In order to know what the Kino Escalation Ladder is, we first need to find out what kino itself is. Kino is defined as kinesthetic approach and means the act of a physical touch between a man and a woman. Without kino, seduction would be impossible.

Now that we got that out of the way, the Kino Escalation Ladder is simply a step by step laddered system that increases the amount of time you touch her and the way you touch.

The purpose of this is to overtime help her to feel more comfortable with your progressing touches. The thought behind this is simple, the more you touch her, the more receptive she will be to intimate touches as well.

Kino Esclation Ladder

A note before we begin, look for cues to proceed with the following steps to make sure you don’t get into an awkward situation. The following routine is one of many that you can find online, tailor it or mix it to suit your own preference.

There are many routines in order to escalate Kino. One is the Kino Escalation Ladder is the famous Dicarlo Escalation Ladder. Here is a summarized part for those who need it in a pinch:

Class 1: Hands, Arms

Class 2: Legs, Body

Class 3: Neck, Face

For the Dicarlo Kino Escalation Ladder you have each class that helps you to progress to the next step of physical intimacy with a lady. There are incidental touches and overt touches. These will be shown here below:

Class 1: these are the touches that you should start with, preferably as soon as possible to get her used to the idea of you touching her. These touches will be targeting her arms and hands.

Incidental touches: Shaking her hands, tapping on her shoulder, touching her somewhere to emphasize your point or giving her a high five.

Overt touches: Holding her hand or walk arm in arm as you go around.

Class 2: These are the touches you use after you sense she is comfortable with your class 1 touches. These involve touches on her legs or torso. Keep in mind these do not include her more intimate parts.

Incidental touches: Have your legs touch hers when you are standing or sitting somewhere. Touching her back while you pull her in to hear her better is another example.

Overt touches: Giving her a hug or walk to someplace with your hand on her back.

Class 3: When you progress to this stage, she is already comfortable with a lot of your touches. We are now progressing to her more protected regions like her hair, face and neck. Most of the time you want to take it slow here and maintain strong eye contact.

Incidental touches: Brushing something off her face or pinching her cheeks. If she wears an interesting necklace, you can touch that as well while allowing your fingers to caress her neck.

Overt touches: stroking her face or hair while looking into her eyes.

Once you are done with the Kino Escalation Ladder, it is time for the Escalation Ramp. While the previous kino ladder can take you a long time, the ramp should not take you longer than approximately 30 minutes. Start the ramp as soon as possible once you are in the sex location.

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Kino Escalation Ramp

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If you did class 3 right, you should already be in the position to kiss her. If you want to build more sexual tension before the kiss try to move in slowly, as if kissing her and then move away to talk about something else. This will make her wonder when you will kiss her.

After kissing her, you can progress to her neck and kiss it while holding her close to you. Proceed to move your hand to her back and underneath her shirt.

Now that you have touched her skin below her shirt, use your hand to lift her shirt up from the front and do the same with your shirt. You do this to establish contact between your abdomen. This will help to create sexual feelings inside of her because this contact normally only happens during sex.

The next step is to start kissing her now exposed body. Kiss and caress her while you move up towards her breast. Here it is important to gauge her reaction, is she feeling more turned on or is she starting to stiffen up? If she does stiff up, skip the breasts for now. Some woman have a negative image of their breasts, this can hinder your progress or stop it completely. Better to approach these later when you have a more established sexual relationship with her.

During this whole kissing process, you can start to position yourself between her legs to rub against her pussy. You can do this either with your body or your thigh if kissing her mouth. The reason for this is simple, you are not using your hand or fingers, so it is less likely that you will face resistance.

Once you got her turned on, you can start moving to the front. Start penetrating her with your fingers by making a “come hither” motion to stimulate her g-spot. This will get her to the point where she basically wants to jump your bone.

Make sure to keep fingering her while she takes off whatever is in the way of you having sex with her. Stopping this can make you face last minute resistance. You can ask her if she wants you to get a condom, most likely she will say yes to appear safe and level headed. What this implies however, is that she is willing to have sex with you in a way that is met without resistance.

By this point just do whatever you need to do to get started.

Kino Escalation Mystery


The Mystery Method is another kino escalation routine that aims to help you to get girls attracted to you. It contains 3 stages which are Attract, Comfort and Seduce. These stages are:

Attract 1: You open the set and run an opener to earn the sets acceptance.

Attract 2: Demonstration of higher value during this stage while showing a lack of interest in the lady you like. See if she responds with interest.

Attract 3: During this stage you get the lady to invest more into the interaction and only then, show her you are interested as well.

Next up come the comfort stages in which we more comfort with her to proceed to seduce.

Comfort 1: During this stage conversation flows in order to build up a sense of comfort and rapport (the feeling of connection).

Comfort 2: Here the connection is already build and both you and the lady feel the vibe. This is the phase where kissing occurs.

Comfort 3: During this stage you proceed to the seduction location where the heavier make-out occurs.

Next up is the seduce stage where you begin the foreplay into sex.

Seduce 1: Now is the time for foreplay where you start to escalate towards having sex with her. Make sure she is hot and ready before you proceed or you might face last minute resistance.

Seduce 2: Last minute resistance is the point where you are at before sex happens. Sometimes the lady freakouts over something or a thought prevents her from wanting to have sex with you. Enough foreplay usually prevents this.

Seduce 3: This is the part we try to get into, sexual intercourse with the chosen lady. Congratulations, you made it.

The Kino Escalation Mystery method focuses on attraction before seduction. The reason for this is, woman can choose who seduces them, but can’t choose who they feel attracted to. When you get her attracted to you through display of higher value, she will automatically feel some level of attraction for you. Use this to your advantage to seduce her later on.

Kino Escalation Routines – Do they work?

In order for you to get closer to a lady, it is only normal that you have to get physical contact with her. There is a natural progression and the Kino Escalation Routines provides just that. It isn’t some proclaimed magic trick that will solve every single problem.

Outside of the Kino Escalation Ladder, you still have to work on yourself in order to be the best version of yourself. Be that working out to get physically fit, working in order to become financially independent or getting more dating experience to become charming.

The kino ladder is only a tool that aims to help you improve your dating life.

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