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How To Speak From Your Chest? Speaking From Diaphragm Vs Throat

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You might not know this unless you are a singer, but there is a difference between using your diaphragm vs your throat when project your voice. Naturally you do not sing with either of your diaphragm or throat. They are however very important in combination with your vocal cords, lips, tongue and teeth. Learn how to speak from your chest in this post below.

It is important to note that you should make proper use of your diaphragm or else this would put a greater strain on your throat. It can even lead to nodules on your vocal cords which will make your voice sound raspy, harsh and with a noticeable loss of range. You would rather your voice be deep and without a nasal sound.

Keep reading in order to find out how to train with various techniques to improve your voice.

How to speak from your chest

In order to improve your speech, we need to know how to speak from your chest. The main takeaway is to have your voice resonate from your chest instead of your throat. When you are speaking, try to keep the vibration within your chest in order to have a more masculine voice. Be aware that you should not try to force your voice to become lower, as this will sound fake. Most of us have tried to do that fake deep voice and it simply sounds ridiculous. Go on, try it and tell me I’m wrong.

Deep voice training techniques

Something that can also help your voice sound and become deeper, is to use various deep voice training techniques. You know how some people have an upwards pitch at the end of their sentence when they have an question? There are multiple ways for you to train your voice and deepen your voice. Here below are some of the ways you can try:

Relaxing your throat before you speak

If you want to speak in a lower voice then usual, it is important for your to relax your throat first so that your voice will not crack. This usually happens when your vocal cords are too tight.

Exercise your lower voice through reading out loud

You can train your voice to be lower consistently by reading passages from books in a lower than usual voice. It will help you to pace yourself so that you won’t go to quick or slow in a real conversation and changing your voice. You can even record yourself while reading to listen back to your readings and see where you can improve yourself.

Try humming

Humming is a way many singers are using to warm up their voice. It is also a way to improve your speaking voice. To do this, start by raising your chin while you hum and then speak from your humming voice. This will help you sound deeper than usual.

How to speak from your chest
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Speaking from Diaphragm vs Throat

There is a difference between speaking from your diaphragm vs throat. The biggest difference is that speaking from your diaphragm involves deep breaths into your lungs. The way the diaphragm helps you is that it will help you by moving downwards when you breath deeply. It will give you the sensation of breathing into your belly. When you breath out, your diaphragm will move up again. In short, because you have more air in your lungs, you will be able to project your voice better for more volume and further away.

On the contrary, when you are speaking from your throat, you will have less volume and more of a vibration behind your jaw. If you compare both of these, speaking from your diaphragm is better than your throat.

Voice Deepening Pills

There are voice deepening pills available on amazon and other health supplement websites. However, since I have never taken one of these, I will not recommend you to use voice deepening pills. Always do your own research on them and consult a health professional before using them.

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