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How To Move On After A Breakup

how to move on after a breakup

Are you still numb and feeling the pain because she ended things with you? Think you will never recover from the hurt? Ever wondered how to move on after a breakup?

Don’t worry, I’m here to tell you that time will heal all wounds. You can help speed this up by following the steps laid down in this guide.

How to get over a breakup fast

So you want to get over her fast and become the old you again right? Unfortunately, there is no band-aid you can use in order to feel alright instantly. You can’t just smash things and cry your heart out watching sad movies or memories in order to be alright the next day.

It takes time and effort in order to heal yourself and get over the anger and grief you may feel. This can especially hard if you feel alone, fortunately I have gone through this phase as well and did some of the following steps in order to feel better faster:

Find happiness by yourself

Most men who enter a relationship, might find themselves to start getting a bit more attached and dependent on their significant other (SO) for happiness. After all, she makes you happy right? This is fine, as long as she is not the only source of happiness for you. This is why you need to know how to find yourself after a breakup.

Too many men start to neglect other sources of happiness that they had before like their own hobbies, friends and family. This is what causes a big void when the breakup happens. Suddenly you find yourself all alone. This is why it is important to maintain/restart your hobbies and connect with those close to you in order to find happiness again.

Also, completely cut contact with her right now. There is no need for any contact at all except for picking up your stuff if any. Any contact beyond that only makes you hurt longer.

Try out new things


Something that won’t help you, is to stay stuck in the past. Go out, try out new places and activities that you have always wanted to. Perhaps now you have newfound time to try that new sport you have always wanted to. Or you might now be able to do some things that your SO never liked. Whatever it is, do it because YOU want to.

A few examples of hobbies to do after a breakup for men:

  1. Get to the gym and get physically fitter
  2. Try out a new fighting sport like MMA
  3. Try a physical sport like indoor climbing.
  4. Learn how to cook well for yourself
  5. Play a new music instrument
  6. Read new books like The Rational Male and No More Mr Nice Guy

These hobbies should help you out both physically and mentally. I recommend giving them a try in order to improve yourself while healing.

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Give yourself time before getting in a relationship again

One of the worst things that you can do, is to get into a relationship right away to mend the pain. We have all heard about being the rebound and it sucks. It almost always fails and then you will be even further behind than before. It is fine to date around, but don’t get attached too soon.

Find out how to deal with a breakup alone. You were fine before you met her, you can be fine after as well. I promise.

Reflect on what went wrong during the relationship

Look back on what went wrong, what were the early signs of unhappiness? Learn from these moments, so that you are stronger in the future. Remind yourself of what she did when you miss her. There is a reason you broke up, don’t try to get back and fix it.

Hopefully these tips will help those of you who wondered how to move on after a breakup.

Do you have any tips of yourself or stories to share? Comment here below and help your brothers.

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