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How To Improve Work Ethic by MTS


A MTS Guide to Improve Your Work Ethic

We all know that one person who seem to work with limitless energy and focus don’t we? Are you wondering why you seem to be having a hard time focusing on your work, while he does so effortlessly?

The difference between you and him is likely due to work ethic. So what is work ethic and how to improve your work ethic? Keep reading to find out.

What is Work Ethic Exactly?

First we need to know what work ethic is before we look into how to improve work ethic. According to Wikipedia work ethic is when you believe that working hard and diligent will have some value to improve your individual abilities and strengthen your character.

The are a few assumptions based on this view:

  1. If you want something in life, you have to take the action that will lead you to it.
  2. The success of your plans is dependent on how you view the world (either positive or negative).
  3. Having a time limit motivates you further against procrastination.
  4. Hardships are normal in life, the problem is when you don’t learn from them and improve. This way they keep coming back.
  5. The harder you work, the further you will get.

Personally I believe in these assumptions as well. When you view the world in a positive way, things are more likely to go YOUR way. Couple that with the drive to work hard towards your goal.. everything that you want to achieve is possible.

So that brings us to our next point..

How To Improve Your Work Ethic

how to improve your work ethic
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Since we all have had that day we didn’t feel like doing anything. How do we improve on that to get something done anyway? Here are a few tips that I have found to be useful.

How To Improve Your work Ethic Tip 1Your Body:

Start paying attention to your body. There is a reason people say that your body is a temple. If you are feeling sluggish and lazy lately, maybe it is time to take a look at how you eat and whether you get enough exercise.

Eat a bit cleaner and have a few walks or play a sport in order to keep yourself healthy and energized throughout the week.

Work Ethic tip number 2 – Eliminate distractions in your work spot

Have you ever found your hand drift towards your phone when you are working on the task at hand? Is it because of the buzzing or notification sounds that it makes? When you can ignore this by putting your phone on silence, it will help improve your focus by a lot.

This is not only about phones but other distractions as well. Social media scrolling, or calling with friends can severely impede your work flow.

Work Ethic Improvement tip number 3Try to set a list of goals for the next day

One of the biggest life hacks is to create a list of what you need to do for the next day. This helps your subconscious prepare for the upcoming day by writing down what you need to do. It helps to clear up your mind and allows you to sleep better as a result as well.

The increased energy and having a list to complete will help you attack the tasks at hand more easily.

Work Ethic Improvement tip number 4 – Set a standard work time

If you have set a standard block of time for your different tasks, it will be easier to work on them because you are taking advantage of your habits.

For example, if you try to start every single day by checking your emails, you will habitually do this after a while without it costing you much effort. It will be ingrained into your subconscious mind to do this.

Same can be said for other tasks, give it a specific time of the day during which you work on them. Try this one out and you will see huge gains in your productivity.

Improve Your Work Ethic tip number 5 – The 5 minute rule

If you have something to work on (or in general) that will take you less than 5 minutes to do.. just do it right way. This will help you get started with smaller tasks, which snowballs into bigger tasks. This is because you are already working on something anyway, so it gets easier to work on something else after that. Also completing the little task will help you feel a bit better, this will motivate you to continue the positive streak.

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How to Improve Work Ethic in School

how to improve work ethic in school
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Students are currently showing up less at college and when they do, they usually do not pay full attention to the class. This is becoming a normal thing among students (I was one of those as well) and many view missing lessons as not a big deal.

This is a dangerous slippery slope because when you skip one lesson, it makes it easier to skip the next one too “because you don’t know the stuff from the previous lesson” anyways. This leads to a lower performance and studying of the subject. In the end, the test results will most likely be low or even a failing grade.

For those looking how to improve work ethic in school, this is very simple. Show up for your lessons and actually attend it with your focus on the material taught. This alone will snowball in you being able to prepare for the next lessons and exam.

Final Thoughts on Improving Work Ethic

Now you have seen how you can improve your work ethic through a few tips and examples. Hopefully, this will help you out with implementing a few of these tips to improve work ethic and get the results you want.

For more insightful articles like this one visit the MTS How to Guide page or the Mindset page.

What is your #1 work ethic hack? Leave them here below in the comments section.

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