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Examples of Healthy Boundaries in Relationships

examples of healthy boundaries in relationship

What are Health Boundaries in relationships?

Do you feel like others are violating your personal boundaries too often? I’ll let you know how to set healthy boundaries that can help you improve your dating and personal relationships.

To know what healthy boundaries are, we first need to know the definition of a boundary. A boundary is simply a line set that tells others where the limit is. You then expect the other person to respect your limit and not cross it.

There are good, healthy boundaries and there are bad boundaries, we will cover both in an attempt to help you see what you could personally use as healthy boundaries in relationships.

Examples of Healthy Boundaries in Relationships


Now that we know what boundaries are, it is time for a few Examples of Healthy Boundaries in Relationships.

Set a cut off for when you want to receive calls

Getting calls after certain hours can be something you don’t want. So set a time after which you don’t want to be called anymore.

Peer pressure

Feeling pressured to do things when you do not feel like it. Have friends that constantly pressure you into doing things that you don’t want to? Tell them where your boundaries are next time. If they are good friends, they will respect the boundary you set.

Overly clingy partner

This can be a tough one, especially if you are someone who wants to make sure your partner is happy. What you need to know however, is that you are someone who needs time for yourself as well. You can try to be there for her, but make sure to say no from time to time when you need to.

Boundary Violations in Relationships

There are many benefits to having healthy boundaries in relationships. Boundary violations in relationships however, occur too often. Sometimes even without the offender knowing they did so.

It can happen in an innocent way like an aunt asking you why a handsome guy like yourself is still single. While it may come from a place of wonder or wanting you to be happy, it can feel like they are prying too far in your personal life. In this case you might want to set boundaries and let them know that you rather they don’t peek too much in your personal relationships.

Sometimes boundary violations happen in a more rude way like a roommate or sibling taking your personal items without asking it.

There are also some that are done “for your own good” like a parent making choices for you that are definitely against what you would want. These are often the most difficult to reject for a lot of people because they love their parents. Your parents might be thinking they are doing you a solid, but it can make things very difficult for you.

In all of these examples, it is important that you make your boundaries clear and ask them to respect it.

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Relationship Boundaries Worksheet

In order to help you with finding and setting healthy relationship boundaries. I found this relationship boundaries worksheet on TherapistAid. Here is a screenshot of what you can find:

You can find the complete worksheet by clicking here. Personally I found it very helpful for those who find it difficult to find and set their own boundaries.

Do you have anything you want to share that helped you set boundaries? Have any experiences you want to share? Let me know in the comments below.

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