David Goggins Taking Souls Meaning


David Goggins Taking Souls Meaning – A Fast Explanation

In his autobiography Can’t Hurt Me by David Goggins he says that every single day of your life you have choices to make. You could stay in bed and do nothing or you can start Taking Souls like he does. Find out what that means for you in this post below.

What Does Taking Souls Mean?

What does taking souls mean when David Goggins is referring to it? In life there may be a person who makes you feel intimidated. This could be anyone who who you think is doubting your ability to succeed and in the process makes you have feelings of doubt about yourself. This could be a family member, friend, coworker or your boss for example. David Goggins taking souls meaning that:

You are acknowledging your opponents and take your feelings that you have for them and use it to drive yourself and fuel your motivation.

You could do this for example by using your feelings to make it your best work, to take them by surprise and in this way prove them wrong and earn their respect.

Hopefully you find this David Goggins taking souls quote useful and while it is easier said than done.. having a step by step battle plan will come in handy. So here is one just for you.

Step 1: Identify the challenge that you are facing right now. This could be anything from struggling at school or facing competition at work.

Step 2: Identify the opponent that you are facing in that particular situation. This could be the coworker who is competing for a position with you as an example. It could also be a family member who doesn’t believe in your ability to graduate from school.

Step 3: Choose a particular subject that you can use to show your skills. This would be an upcoming task assigned to you at work or delivering an outstanding school project.

Step 4: Use the negative feelings and energy that you have towards your opponent and channel it for success. This is done by studying longer hours or working smarter than your opponent. You will have to practice and work more in order to exceed their expectations by miles.

With this battle plan you should be taking souls if you can persevere.

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