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Analyzing Great Men #1 – Learn From This Donald Trump Analysis

Donald Trump Analysis

What makes a great man? A great man is someone who excels at some area in a way that usually makes others respect him. This could be a someone who is very good at football for example. Many would respect him for his skill and accomplishments.

Now, lets learn what makes Donald Trump such a powerful force to be reckoned with. Afterwards you will learn in this Donald Trump analysis how to use his strengths.

Who is Donald Trump?

Donald John Trump the 45th president of the United States is a controversial man. You either love him or hate him. Before he entered politics Trump was a business man and popular television personality. You might even have seen him on SNL:

People obviously loved him back in the day which meant that he did something right. And if he is doing things right.. what can we learn from him?

What are Donald Trump’s strengths?

Donald Trump has a strong presence on social media, especially on Twitter. His branding is on point and he isn’t afraid to speak his mind in a political correct world. While there are some who get offended (get a thicker skin, this is the internet), many find his way of speaking refreshing. In many ways, this makes Donald Trump authentic to many people.

Speaking without political correctness is a strength, because not being restricted in what you can and can’t say is empowering in itself. You don’t have to tip toe constantly and many will find you more authentic instead of fake.

Trump has a vision that he relentlessly chases

“Make America great again”. I’m sure everyone has heard it many times before. It is a simple yet powerful phrase that has helped Donald Trump win the hearts of many Americans.

What does having a vision do? Simply said, a vision gives you direction for you to move towards. In this case it would be to put America first and to make the country great again in the case of Donald Trump.

Every decision he made during his speeches, rallies and presidency were made with this vision in mind. To make America great again. And this is why he did succeed with it quite a bit.

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Donald Trump Persuasion Tactics

If you have watched a few of his debates, it should be clear to you that he has a very interesting debating style. One that gives him the upper hand vs most of his opponents during heated discussions. Here is a good analysis done by Charlie on Charisma on Command:

Interesting isn’t it? It is due to Donald Trumps persuasion tactics that he knows how to win over the public as well. Here are the bullet points if you want to watch the video later:

  • Fear is a powerful emotion, we focus on it fully and try to protect ourselves
  • Showing that no one else can help them (as effectively as) Donald alone
  • Promising total dominance, nobody will every mess with “us” when Trump is your leader
  • He proves himself as a winner through social proof
  • Deflection with humor when someone tries to attack him

How can you apply these strengths in your own life?

Now that we have discussed 3 of Trumps personal strengths. It is time that you learn how to use these in your own life.

The first one is that Trump is AUTHENTIC. How do you apply this to your life? It is quite simple really. Just speak your mind when you need to. Now, I’m not saying that you need to go around to be rude with everyone (that is something else!). Just that you start saying things you want to say instead of thinking of what is politically correct or what the other might want to hear. Trust me, it makes a huge difference in how others see you as well.

The second point is to have a vision for yourself. Having one will allow you to ruthlessly chase that vision and making it come true. This will allow you to spend those early mornings or late nights working on what you dream of for your future. This is what makes full focus and sacrifices possible. It will help give you a purpose for your daily life.

The third point is that Donald Trump knows how to persuade others. If you can master this, you will be able to get your points across better while deflecting your opponents attacks.

If you have watched the video you would know by now that positioning yourself as a winner or authority is the way to go. Make sure that others know that you are the one that can help them or is right. Proof yourself through social proof and deflect your opponents arguments when possible.

This Donald Trump analysis was the first Analyzing Great Men series in which we will learn from great men together.

Is there anyone else you want to see analyzed or do you have another thing you learned from Trump? Post it here below for others to see.

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